Video Catalogue

Below is a list of videos that show my bass playing skills, it varies from improvised performances to written arrangements in a band setting. All of these videos (minus the Time of the Mouth videos), have been filmed and recorded using my own equipment I have then edited and uploaded them myself. Video editing is something I am quite good at, I especially enjoy recording and editing live performances as it gives off this natural feeling. I will continue to edit more videos to add to this list, but as for now this is all the videos I am proud to show.

Alder Roots & Trees in Suits – Solo Bass

A short improvised piece performed in a woodland, using my battery amp to make this possible. Performing outside without power is something I can do with ease. Need me to perform outside your building? for an outdoor party? I can do that!!

Octopuses Actually Exist – Solo Bass

Recorded and filmed professional by Rob Groucutt, Ollie Patton and Carlos Browne. This is a solo ambient piece performed by myself, a style I perform quite often, with the help from effect pedals and many informative lessons from Steve Lawson (UK’s leading solo bass guitarist). 

Tu Piel Es Guapa – Solo Acoustic Guitar

Composing with an acoustic guitar is something I do whenever I get my hands on one. This is a piece written and performed during my gigs in Spain. 

Lost Live at Mappfest – Time of the Mouth

A live performance with Time of the Mouth at Malvern’s Mappfest 2014. The original song can be found on the Bandcamp page here –


Sparks May Fly – Christine Cornwell and James Chatfield

This is from a Birmingham based arts project I was involved in – Sparks May Fly (May 2015). Where 6 young musicians were picked to collaborate and perform in pairs for an intimate audience, this is my performance with Christine Cornwell (a fantastic violinist from Birmingham and one of my favourite musicians to work with). 

Brownfield – Firefly Gig

Brownfield is a duo act I current gig with, we improvise all our performances and experiment a lot with different sounds and instruments, trying not to limit ourselves to just ‘drums and bass’. This is a live performance at Worcester’s Firefly.  




Brownfield Friday Sessions – 17.10.2014

This is quite a long performance, with a very ambient introduction. This video shows off the use of effects from both me and Carl. It get’s more intense towards the end where I use a microphone through my pedal board. But you can find more of our ambient recordings on Bandcamp here –

Brownfield Friday Sessions – 24.10.2014

This is a live performance of Brownfield featuring our close friend ‘Michael Price’ (an insanely gifted and creative musician). Performed at Kidderminster College’s ‘Open Mic’. The trio here was where I started getting into improvisational music, we began a project called ‘Improvisation Amalgamation’, you can find our albums on Bandcamp here –


Brownfield Friday Sessions – Confined Vocal Duo

This is more of an experimental performance, as it was requested by our Uni lecturer – ‘Phi Yaan-Zekk’, to perform music with our voices in a confined space, so we found the smallest room and took a few microphones and effect pedals to create this strange piece of music. 

Gotta Get Through This – Funk Rock Arrangement

This is a 3-piece band set up, performing our own arrangement of the well known ‘Daniel Bedingfield’ song ‘Gotta Get Through This’. This is a funk-rock arrangement, so here you can see a small example of my slap technique. 

If you are interested in seeing any combination of these performances live, or wish to collaborate with any of these acts please send me an email 😀 I am always interested in playing with new musicians, and meeting new people. Email –

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