Debut Album – Chatfield


Album Cover 3

Debut Album – Chatfield

Chatfield – my Debut album as a solo artist, here I’ve combined elements of electronica, electric bass, found sound and glitched programming. Composed and produced by myself, this album has been an exciting journey into combining styles I’m passionate about, and the process has heightened my passion.

I’ve been massively inspired by the likes of; Steve Lawson, Beardyman, Squarepusher, Aphex Twin and taking inspiration from natural soundscapes and rhythms.

Triangle Fixation was my first experiment with glitching up an improvised bass performance, making cuts and edits of the audio to create grooves and melodies. As the first step, it gave me drive to experiment and compose more in that style. The use of effect pedals lead to many melodies and sounds, sticking my bass and vocals through them, shaping the original sounds into new instruments, Now I Know it’s No being a prime example.

Sampling is a big portion of my writing, and with a hand held audio recorder (Q2HD), I take it everywhere, sampling all that interests me. I’ve taken samples from many places for this album, one being Spain. In 2015 I took a trip over there visiting friends and their families, gigging with them (The Hoaxx) at Fiestas, pubs and clubs. Staying on top of mountains sitting inside thunderstorms and swinging on ropes inside caverns lead to some interesting samples, some of which you’d find on the albums bonus tracks. The album cover was also taken on top of a mountain in Benimaurell, after an extremely long hike with drummer Seb Baldwin and his pack of dogs. Samples have also been taken from pub conversations with friends, talking nonsense and creasing at each others jokes, Let’s Get Naked features many of these samples. One of my favourite samples came from a lecturer at Uni, during the days of ‘Life Classes’, where we’d talk about our goals and ambitions within music, you’ll find it at the end of Rain.

FIGA Independent Festival

As well as found sounds, I’ve sampled and modulated recorded vocals from Sam Rogers, (aka. Little One). Being a big part in the creation of this album, Sam has helped with production, arranging and provided constructive feedback. You’ll hear her in tracks; I FearA Loop For Tears Rain.

This album stemmed from improvisational adventures with my bass, …there’s somebody else… is a complete improvised solo bass piece. I have to thank Steve Lawson, for being a big inspiration in my bass playing and opening my eyes to the ways of improvising, without whom I wouldn’t be viewing music the same way. Eve Eve differs being it a short composition, one written on the eve of Christmas eve.

My glitching effects and sounds have mainly evolved from spending hours editing audio samples; pitching, stretching, looping, automating, modulation and combining them with MIDI effects (random arpeggiators & pitching tools). Being a fan of smaller details, I enjoy making many variations and altering melodies and grooves, trying to cram in as many rhythmic ideas as I can into the shortest of space.

The final track (well the final for those who haven’t downloaded it, as a download comes with an additional 6 tracks!) Travel and Say Goodbye was mostly composed during a journey down too London, hence part of the name. This track mostly consisting of MIDI instruments and effects, with the added samples of my bass being effected by a Kaoss Pad, it also contains samples of a very memorable day (saying goodbye to Becker – my beloved pet and best friend whom I grew up with). The final section to this track, plays a recording of the family talking about the history of Becker, and the sound of her last couple of barks asking for an ice-cube (her favourite treat).

So you’ve read about the album, now go ‘ave a listen! – !!Chatfield!! It’s free (pay what you want) and a download gives you an extra 6 tracks, so what’s not too love! Anything made from this album will go towards physical copies of this and future releases. This album is just the first step into my solo work, and there are many routes I wish too explore so stick around and follow my journey!




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