Busking (.001) with Oliver Patton

During a busking session in Malvern with drummer Oliver Patton, a local approached us with very kind words. She explained how from a distance she thought she heard her husband (Colin Bentley aka ‘Stoner’, bassist from bands Doctors of Madness and The Pull) who unfortunately had a tragic death in 2014. She explained how my playing style was very similar to Colin’s, and she was taken back by it all as it must of triggered some memories/feelings from when Colin was around. Her being a painter herself she continued to tell us about Colin’s stories and his music past, it was an amazing yet saddening interaction with her. And I couldn’t thank her enough for the compliments on our music.
We then dedicated our next improvised song to Colin Bentley, naming it – Ode to Colin Bentley.

To find out about Colin, go here and see a tribute beautifully written by his daughter – Lauren Bentley

It’s amazed me how something like busking could affect someone in that way…I advise anyone writing/performing music to just go out and play everywhere at every opportunity, because moments like this really make playing worth while!


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