Busking Wolverhampton on a Monday Afternoon – 18th June 2018


Out busking in Wolverhampton on a Monday afternoon. New place, haven’t busked here before, and honestly may not busk here again. It’s been good and I met a lot of friendly faces who seemed to really enjoy my music, above video is a perfect example. But it’s a strange place to busk, a strange energy that I don’t quite understand. There are busking rules here too, which is great, it’s great that the council appreciate buskers and have made specific busking spots. But that comes with limitations, because the spots were made from a councils point of view rather than looking through a buskers eyes, they aren’t located in the best spots, and almost hide you away from the public, so it causes limitations on what you can do here. Also because the council walk around the city centre, if you’re not in a set busking spot you’ll get moved on. And unfortunately after my first busk, the other spots were occupied by people who are unfortunately homeless, so I couldn’t just set up next to them, I don’t want to upset anyone, I just want to help.
So these busking spot rules kind of stopped me from busking more than 90 minutes, which is fine, I played music and made people smile.

That’s all I want to do. I just want to make music to be heard by many people, to relax them and send them to chilled out spaces in their mind, and play music on the streets to make people smile. I don’t care for money or fame, all I want is too add value to this world and the people in it.
So I’m grateful for what I have and what I’m able to do, busking truly has bought so much value to my life and to others. I get lovely messages from people saying I helped brighten their day and make their day. So for that I feel like I’m doing some good for this world.
And to those who follow my blog and read this, thank you, I am grateful for your time and support.

I hope you have a most wonderful evening!

Much love,
James x

Also made this little beat today;

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