Share Your Light, For all to See: Captured Moments Volume Two




A new release!

The second volume in ‘Captured Moments’ releases. This is going to become a monthly ongoing thing and I feel it’ll only develop in sound quality, playing quality and variety. You’ll find in this album, there are some collaborations which were caught off guard and I’m just super thankful I had my handy recorder sat there taking it all in! You’ll also notice that looping is a bigger theme in this album in comparison to the first Volume, this is because I’ve been experimenting and improvising more with the looper, also because I haven’t spent much time writing new material, most of my time has just been on the streets, playing and improvising.

I’m going to go through a few tracks and write some words to follow it;

Artichoke –







This is a video of the performance and where it was composed. An Allotment, Allie Kenward’s Allotment – who features with vocals on track 12, Your Voice. It’s such a mind relaxing place to be outside and amongst many plants waving in the wind. An Artichoke is actually filming this video, until I take the camera off it and film around the allotment.

I have a phone with a very large memory and a very high quality camera, which is amazing, it really is! But it means that I want to film loads, and almost everything, so I’ll have days where I look through all the videos I have and there’s this huge backlog, which I kinda get lost in. Which is great, I just need to start uploading it all somewhere so it doesn’t get lost for too long.
It’s the same with my audio recorder, there’s so much! So much that I could technically release almost 4 albums of stuff from this month alone, I mean I don’t see why I couldn’t? But I feel maybe too much, could be, too much! Ahh, I dunno! But anyways, you’re guaranteed lots of content on a regular basis! I’ll put it all out there for anyone to use!

It Could be Nice –

An improvisation out in the streets of Bournemouth – such a beautiful place to play on the streets! There’s a lovely spot right at the end of the gardens and close to beach. I tried playing on the pier when I first go their, but immediately got turned away by the council, dam! I’m determined to play beside a beach soon though, I’ll figure it out.
This improvisation is done with a Line 6 DL4 – a most lovely delay and looping pedal, this recording comes from a set I did, using this delay for the first time with this set-up. I love the space and depth it gives to the guitars, especially the percussive sounds. It opens up a lot to do more, I’ve been using it way more since, and there’s some really cool songs from it!

Here’s a video from that spot in Bournemouth


Messages and Bottles ft. Kringo Blue –








A very favourite jam of mine with a very favourite person –
– Kringo Blue

A very gifted soul, incredible at pretty much any instrument he touches! I haven’t known him for that long, but we’ve connected on a really good level, and when we’re both in Worcester we’ll grab a drink and catch up. This jam was part of a longer one, another section appears later in the album! Still a lot more that I could release. We’ll be for sure having more street jams!







Share Your Light, for all to See –

Title track. I want each of these albums within the ‘Captured Moments’, to hold a positive message, a message to share with others and uplift.

This albums message being:

“Whatever it is that you know makes you shine, a skill, a gift you feel you have, a voice etc etc. Let it shine! Take that light, and be proud of it, acknowledge what you are good at and triple down on it! Work at it loads, practice and document it – share it with the world, revealing your light to those around will uplift others, it’ll inspire others to shine their light, it’ll help others discover their light and make them realise that their dreams are possible! 
Shine your light, share it with the world! You are an incredibly unique individual with a message and a gift that will benefit those around you!”

The track is another improvisation using loops, and also a little bit of vocals – just some oohs and ahhs. Vocals is something I really want to add to my set-up, both in this way as another instrument to loop and play around with, and also to write lyrics that I’d sing. Which is my current goal:
– write a set-list of songs, including vocals, to then take on a European Tour with.

Rising Waters ft. Jordan Stark and Chris Ukulele player –

My favourite track on the album! There were no visual documents of this collaboration and street jam happening. But it’s been one of my favourite street things that has happened.
It was basically brought together by a very lovely old lady, dressed in a lot of yellow and a most lovely smile. Whilst packing away from a set in Bournemouth, she came and told me how much she loved the music and if she had the money to give, she would. She said she listened for a while and found it most peaceful! She walked away leaving many smiles. Then while walking around for another spot, I saw a guy setting up with a Hand Pan, the lady was there again. She was singing my praises, then grabbed me and said, “you two should play together! Please do! it’ll be the best!”, we kinda looked at each other and went “sure, alright”. So we jammed, and it was great – Jordan Stark his name.
Whilst jamming (which you’ll hear in the recording), a Ukulele player came from nowhere and started soloing over the jam – Chris. He stood right next to the recorder, so it sounds just perfect on the recording.
It felt as though everything was pre-planned, and that more and more musicians would join this line-up, that didn’t happen. But what happened was incredibly fun! We had a crowd forming and there must be a video or picture out there somewhere in this internet web.
The jam flowed so nicely, like we were all on this wavelength and could really understand what we were trying to say and where we were trying to go with the music. Improvising music before getting to know someone, is such a beautiful way to meet someone! You can also hear the lady who brought us together towards the end of the recording.
Also a most excellent quote at the end from a police officer who watched us before his shift – “you, you, should do like, music!

Check out Jordan Starks work here –



Building Bricks –

A very short improvisation with loops again. This was a quick build on the loop, adding layers quite quickly. This was performed and created in Piccadilly Gardens – Brighton.

There’s a really cool sound of a skateboarder passing by during this recording, because of the stereo microphone, it feels like it’s right behind you! This is a reason why I love recording out in the streets, capturing all these little sounds, it brings more story to the recordings and adds more depth to it. The perfect way for me to capture these moments in the streets.

Here’s a video of the spot I was busking in for this recording; It’s me playing – Change;





Such a beautiful place to busk!

Beauty Within Silence –

This is more of an ambient experimental jam, with some weird reversing vocal, guitar looping. Using a Boss RC-30 and a Line 6 DL4 to make these weird and kind of creepy soundscapes.

Street, Beat, Feet ft. Michael the Street Drummer –

Whilst busking in Bournemouth, in my favourite spot at the end of the park. This guy Michael came scooting over on a scooter with a djembe strapped to the front of it. Started talking about how he’s come from southern Africa and has been travelling the UK, couch surfing and sight-seeing. Then said lets jam.

Here’s the video 🙂




He came and jammed a few more times whilst I was busking there throughout the week, but with different drums, he had shakers, and was using drum sticks on the things around him, like benches and bins.

Space (Piano Improvisation) –

Playing around on a friend’s piano and trying to make some spacey soundscape.
Would be cool to add piano to my set-up and have it on the right of me so I could sustain chords then guitar/bass over it.

July Rush –

Another piece of improvisation, without loops, just the guitar/bass. I get a lot of people come up to me and say “you sound like August Rush”, I didn’t know what that was until someone said it’s a film of a kid who plays guitar in a unique way and it follows his journey. It’s something I need to see, maybe it’ll inspire me in someways.


Well! Anyway go check the album out and have a listen, let me know what you think, share it with your friends and use it to benefit yourself! 🙂


Thank you for reading and finding your way to my website!


Much love,

James x



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