Writing Intentions

Taken and sent by @atiwitw on Instagram – Oxford, April 2019

I’ve been sat here writing the beginning of many different blogs, my drafts on WordPress has now tripled in size! I’m writing and not liking what I put, I feel inclined to write because I’ve found a love for it and just want to keep on writing. So that’s what I’m doing, determined to make it a habitual thing. Reading more and listening to more podcasts, drives this desire to explore words. To piece together the knowledge I take from books and podcasts, and present these small essays on life and the ideas that float in my mind. As well as taking the experiences/adventures that music, busking and travelling bring forth to me, and telling stories from it.

So the facial expression above captures what I felt reading back through certain beginnings I wrote. ‘That makes no sense’, ‘not feeling that’, ‘that’s not true’, ‘boring’ etc. It’s fun though, just experimenting with art forms you enjoy exploring. So if you’re an artist, explore and experiment with it; paint with your eyes closed, walk and draw at the same time, sit in the middle of a high-street and paint – with the public eyes on you it may inspire you to create differently. It inspires me to perform differently when I play outside of a busking environment, recently I got asked to play a song at a hostel, there were only 5 people at that bar, ‘Jiawei Liu’ (Chris) was leaving for Beijing the next day so it was a leaving gift for her. Playing slower and softer, as I feel I have more time to compose as I already have the audiences attention, differing to a busking environment where it takes time to get an audiences attention.

Whilst busking yesterday in Tenby, on a beautiful sunny day with amazing crowds and amazing kindness, a fear jumped on me and sat in my mind. This fear that I may for some reason lose the ability to busk, maybe I have an accident that dysfunctions my ability to play or the world completely bans busking for some unknown reason (because busking is truly amazing for communities and high streets – and I need to start working towards making this know). Pondering on these thoughts I mind mapped what other ‘careers’ and curiosities I could follow – writing and blogging being my favourite idea from them all. I busk daily, so why not blog daily? But what would I write about each day?

I took what I am doing now and dissected it into different categories that have plentiful subjects to ponder ideas about and write many words on. A travelling musician, street performing, often reading, an interest to learn about this world and explore it, with an interest in a green lifestyle, on a plant-based diet, an avid fan of motivational speakers and listens to podcasts and YouTube videos regularly.

That, right there opens up a lot of subjects to write and speak about. I massively enjoy writing words and music, so if I could do both side by side, that would be incredible. A list of 100 things to blog about sits on a notepad in the phone. So expect more words from myself.

If you too want to start a blog or a vlog or a podcast, and you’re not sure what to write about. Begin with a summary of who you are; what you enjoy to do, the places you are in often, the job you currently have and the things you have done and been through. It may bring to you a list of titles, jot them down now and then delve into each title with fine detail. I’m no blogging expert, but I feel this would be a good start.

Eventually a podcast would be fun, there are so many amazing and interesting people on this journey, I feel it’d be a shame to not capture the conversations had on the streets and in hostels with interviews etc.

“You can’t build a house until you’ve built the house” – Jim Rohn

This blogging/writing house I wish to build. To be able to write about the things I enjoy, exploring ideas and concepts, capturing moments from this journey and telling stories from those moments. To have plentiful of content on this website and around the internet. To be able to collaborate with other bloggers, get featured in magazines and other websites. To write for companies that are exploring; travel, music, busking, well-being and everything in-between. To bring value to those who read it. Most importantly to continue enjoying the process of writing, because I thoroughly enjoy it!

Build your house before you begin to build it – define what your goals and dreams are, picture them clearly and give them life inside your mind, visualise them and meditate on them. Once a goal has been defined you can then start taking one step at a time towards it, if the goal isn’t defined, well then you may be stepping in circles constantly and wondering off in too many directions. If you feel lost, then take the time each day to write out things you wish to do, look at others you admire and see what they’ve accomplished that you would also like to.

Most importantly, work towards them, even if only for 20 minutes a day, work is the answer.

Notes jotted for blogging/writing thoughts.

Thank you for reading my words and following this journey.

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Have a great day!

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