Welcome! Busker
How’re you doing?

I’m James Chatfield – musician, busker, composer, teacher.

Currently travelling, performing in the streets, experimenting with playing guitar and bass simultaneously and learning to sing!

I’ve been performing, composing and playing bass for over 8 years now, teaching for the past 2 years, busking since late 2016 and very recently (late December 2017) started experimenting with guitar and bass.

I spent the summer of 2017 touring with The Wishing Well, busking and gigging around Europe.

I’m working towards gigging around the UK with my latest set-up (Guitar,Bass,Vocals), and taking it to the streets of Europe.
A converted van that acts as both a home and music studio is the current dream/goal – this will give me the tools to travel more, collaborate with more people, take my younger siblings on summer trips, spread my music further afield and allow me to help anywhere I can by giving music & charitable help.
I want to give this world everything I have, and I want to help as many people as I can in as many ways as I can.

Lots of content will be released this year of 2018. I will be documenting my entire journey and be releasing content on as many platforms as I can.
You can find this content on platforms such as;

There’s a tonne of music on BandCamp which you can download at your own price
– here – chatfield.bandcamp.com

I’m up for collaborations of any sort! So hit me up with any ideas! I’ll gig anywhere that’s practical! I’ll teach you via Skype! I’ll compose music just for you! I’ll give you lots of positive words and help you! I’ll come busk in your garden!
Whatever it is you wanna chat about, message me!

Thank you for the follow and reading this!

Have a wonderful day! May tomorrow be different forever!

Lots of Love

James x





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