I’m a multi-instrumentalist street performer, traveling around with the mission to spread positivity to the streets, brighten someones day and to connect people.
I’ve been busking for over 2 years now, it has taken me around Germany and the UK, created many opportunities for me, given me lifelong friendships and strengthened me as a person, overcoming anxiety and given me confidence within myself. I cannot explain the amount of joy I get from busking and from seeing the loving smiles people share when I’m performing in the streets.
Solo bass was my first step into busking, this I did until quite recently (December 2017), I accidentally stumbled across this hybrid double guitar set-up. This style of playing is a huge joy to experiment with, the limitations and sounds that I’ve discovered so far have helped me express myself in a unique way.

I am currently working on an album of this double-guitar work, the video above gives some insight into the plan I have. Release dates and information will be available soon.

Follow my adventures on this website.

Join me on Social Media – Instagram Facebook Twitter YouTube

Download my music –  chatfield.bandcamp.com

I wish you the most beautiful and wonderful day!
Thank you for your time!

Much love,

Chatfield x








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