Hello I’m James Chatfield, a bassist/composer.Good Close Up Shot

As a musician I’m currently exploring all styles and possibilities that will allow me to compose, perform and portray the noises and feelings in my head, using my electric bass and computer as my instruments.

Under the name of Chatfield I produce and will perform as a solo artist (currently building my live set-up, so gigs are yet to happen). The soundscapes and pieces composed as Chatfield collate my preferred styles (Ambient, Electronica, IDM, Solo-Bass) into one hybrid style that has been referred to as ‘Melodic Glitch-Core’. Mixing found sounds, electric bass and glitched programming through multiple effects, my pieces are composed much like film scores, with the intention of telling a story, using an array of motifs. I have a love for smaller details, and will spend hours automating, modulating and editing sounds, to producing seconds of a track.

I’m massively inspired by artists such as – Beardyman, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Steve Lawson (Whom I was fortunate to have teach me during my years of Uni, from then onward he’s been an inspiration in many ways) The Books, and film composers – Hans Zimmer, Nathan Johnson, James Horner.

I began music at the age of 15, listening to my Dad sing and play acoustic guitar, inspired me to take the music route. So on my 15th birthday my Dad took me too grab my first ‘guitar’, but my eyes were fixed elsewhere “Dad, that looks cooler! Let’s get that one”, pointing at my soon to be first bass. I spent my first years of music playing in rock/pop-punk bands, inspired by bassists such as Flea, Richard Lewis and Mark Hoppus. Getting more serious music I went to college, here my ears were broadened and it lead me into the world of Cubase, treating it like a video game, I was fixated for hours at a time experimenting with its functions and limitations creating all sorts of nonsense. 5 years later I’ve taken everything learnt from experimentation to record/produce many artists, live improv sessions and compose my own music. As well as studio work I’ve also performed live touring the UK with Time of the Mouth, experimental improvisation act Brownfield and organised Art Festivals with projects such as Songs Of Sirens.

If you’d like to know anymore, please feel free to send me a message. I’m open for collaborations, gigs, producing, remixing, composing etc. So please feel free to throw suggestions my way.

Thank you for viewing this! Now, go, listen, enjoy my latest album! CHATFIELD






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