Sunflower Shed Sessions

Recently I visited Bournemouth for a busking trip, was originally planned to stay there for just a weekend. But loved the city too much, there’s so much beauty here, great busking spots, beaches, swimming, so many vegan cafes and goodies, basically an all round amazing place! Here I met Allie Kenward, who kindly gave me a place to stay, showed me around Bournemouth and became a bigger part of my music than I could imagine. She joined me busking, took videos, painted CDs and suggested more ideas for a bigger show. Sunflower Shed – Allie’s allotment, was a lovely place to play some music, so we did a few sessions here, where I played music and she did her gardening things!
Video above is the first one we did, Video below is our second session!

Sunflower Shed Sessions 2 was kindly filmed by a floaty artichoke! Thanks dude!

Here’s some audio clips from these sessions;

A combination of music and gardening. Something I’ve wanted to do for ages! Allotment gigs, so that’s a goal in mind, to get an actual Allotment gig sorted!

I feel chilled music and gardening have similarity in how they soothe the mind and bring some form of therapy to us. Quiet and relaxing music really helps calm the mind down, it can almost be an escape from reality and bring you to a totally different world in your mind, (“I was sat here, but my mind was away on the coastline in the sea” said Timbo, a guy who recently saw me out busking in Hereford) some music really resonated with me and sends my minds on wild adventures, brings back memories and feelings, nostalgic and beautiful it can be. Gardening too, it’s a raw natural thing that connects you with nature and the textures of plants can be soothing to touch, away from everything busy and into the wild with plants.

What are your thoughts? Does gardening relax you? Would you like to see more music/gardening things?


All the best,

Much love,





The Loving Dancing Spirit, Freida


Freida danced for ages when I first busked in Winchester! She had crazy energy and the best dance moves! Her Mum videoed it and sent it my way!
Video above was from March 2018

Video below is from yesterdays busk in Winchester! She heard my music from the top of the high street, said to her Mum “Is that him?!”, “I think so!”. Then came running down, I looked up and saw here high bouncy energy jumping all over the place again! It was just incredible! More kids joined in and there was a small group of toddlers jumping around like crazy. Colin Kennaugh captured a moment of her dancing;

What Made me Decide to Play both Bass and Percussive Guitar Simultaneously? Question from a follower.

It’d be great to start giving you more content on subjects and questions that you’d like me to talk about! So if you have any questions or things you’d like me to write about, within the borders of busking and my music, then please message me on any social media platform, via email or on here!
I posted on Instagram asking what people would like to ask. @ogmattsmith sent me a message; What made you decide you wanted to play both bass and percussion guitar at the same time?
So I’m here to answer this.

Why I Started Playing both Guitar and Bass Simultaneously?

It was a happy accident, during December of 2018, I borrowed my Dad’s guitar as I wanted to start singing some of my favourite songs, which I did, I learnt a bunch of Snow Patrol and Stereophonic’s tunes and tried to sing!
While wielding the bass one night, I was jamming to some Ben Howard, and was like it’d be cool to look at some open tunings and see what I can make on guitar. Without thinking I just grabbed the acoustic, sat it on my lap, still with the bass around me. Found an alternative open D tuning (D A D F# B D), and used the bass as a tuner to tune the guitar, holding one hand on a note and using the other to tune the guitar. Then I by accident hit the guitar, 12th fret all strings and bass at the same time…..”that sounded cool” I said to myself, so I did it again, just holding different notes on the bass, “oh, this is fun, this is real fun!”. Then from there on, I’ve just been experimenting loads with creating techniques and exploring the limitations with it. I still don’t fully know what I’m doing and I still have such a long way to go, there are many ideas and sounds I have in my mind that I’m still working out how to speak with the guitars. So I feel I’ve only scratched the surface with what is possible with this set-up. I treat it as one instrument and find it completely different to playing a bass or guitar on it’s own. I’ve fallen in love with the limitations and sounds that are possible with it.

Here’s the first thing I did with it;

And here’s the most recent thing I’ve posted with it;

I’m just over 7 months in to this set-up and I feel I have so much to work on and do, I’m nowhere near what I have in my mind, so I’m taking each day a day at a time, one tiny step each day!

I feel that’s what you need to do with any goal or destination you have in mind, to take it slow, be patient and take one tiny step at a time.
So whatever you are working towards at the moment, don’t worry if you feel so far away, learn to celebrate the small victories and start enjoying the journey, for that is the most fun part, seeing your self development and progression.


Much love for all!


A Patreon Page!

I’ve just set up a Patreon page, a place where you can support my music further through monthly donations. With each tier of donation you get a different reward, from exclusive videos to exclusive B-Sides each month to post cards and hangouts!
I only wish to add more value to you and give you everything I can, so if you feel the content on here, YouTube and Social Media is adding to your life already, then awesome!

Feel free to check out the page though and see what you think about it! πŸ™‚


All the best,

Have a most wonderful day!



New Album! Captured Moments Volume One!!!

So the journey begins with releasing more music for you all! Captured Moments collates my favourites recordings taken from my adventures within music and general life. They’ll contain clips from busking sessions, Improvisation, collaborations, electro beats etc etc, whatever sounds I make within the time between releases!

This one begins with the image of myself standing, understanding where my path lies and where it’ll take me. Around the world! It’s the dream and it will become a reality providing I put in the hard work and patience! I’m totally determined to spread my music to as many people as I can and bring smiles upon their faces!

Most of these recordings are from busking sessions in Worcester and Hereford. I only wish that I started this series earlier as there have been many moments I wish to have been captured, also it would of been amazing to see the progression in my playing from the start of the double guitarness! But I’m glad I just started now and decided to start giving everything I have to you all!

I wrote a little rant/piece of advice about this yesterday, it goes as such;

For all creators, bring out your creativeness from your soul everyday, release short videos, songs, images etc etc everyday, if you have it in you then release it all. Why not? We live in an age where you can post tonnes of content on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for free….for free….for free! With the potential to reach out to thousands of people, all across the globe, for free…. Imagine 10 years ago how much it’d cost to record a live music session and share it all across the world, probably 100’s of coins!
Don’t be worried about quality. Don’t be fancy until your fancy!
Say you posted 1 short video everyday for a month, just a little 2 minute jam or Improvisation or section of a song you wrote. Say no one even views it, it doesn’t matter, you’ve just documented your own progression for free, you can look back and be like, man I totally forgot about that riff, this riff would be awesome in this song I just wrote. Leaving it on here means you don’t have to worry about memory on your devices. FOR FREE!

Also who knows, that one little video of a riff you wrote, could be seen by the producer of a upcoming movie who’s like “dam, that’s it! That’s the main melody for Charlie’s theme!” gives you a message, “yo that video you posted a couple of weeks back, I want to use that song in my movie, can you record a full 3 minute version? Then I’ll fly you out to New Zealand and we’ll talk!” – this, is completely possible! FOR FREE!


Whatever it is you do, just do. Just be.
And document it all, it doesnt mean you have to spend hours everyday on social media, it literally takes 5 minutes to record a video and post it on multiple platforms….. For free!

πŸ™If you aren’t already doing this, I super duper highly recommend it! It may take months before anything comes from it, but you’ve got tonnes of content to show people and look back on and be like, yeah, I’ve left something of me here, if I’m to vanish tomorrow, at least I captured what I do and gave this world everything I have.

Just do
Just be


Have a most wonderful evening!

I just got to Oxford and here’s some music I made in the streets!

Any Step Forward is a Step Forward – Worcester Busking 19.06.18

Any step forward is a step forward. Make sure to celebrate all the achievements and progressions you make, no matter how tiny they may be!
Learning to love the grind and the journey towards your goals is important! Because that’s where the real magic comes and where you’ll learn so much. I’ve fallen in love with constantly pushing myself to do more and progress as a person, a musician, and a composer. I love the fact that I could be releasing tonnes of content each week, yet it only be seen by a few and almost undiscovered, like a hidden little thing, I love the idea that one day someone may come across my music and really connect with it, then learn that I’ve tonnes of videos and recordings to consume. I have no desire to become ‘rich and famous’, I just want to add value to as many peoples lives as I can with my music and words. So this is why I will always make the effort to release all the music in my soul and put everything I do out to the online world for people to consume for free! For me, one step is one more piece of content distributed on some internet platform i.e YouTube or Instagram,Β  and I want to take so many steps to create so much content. If anything I want to leave this world knowing that I’ve given everything I have!

Any step forward is a step forward.

Much love,

James x

Himley Hall and Park – Improvisation track 18th June 2018

On the route back from busking in Wolverhampton, I stopped off at a beautiful place called Himley Hall, found a lovely setting to play in and improvised this little tune.

As I was setting up to play, I said to myself, maybe I’ll find love tomorrow. That thought inspired emotions and those emotions created this track. It’s interesting how the soul sometimes just speaks and pours out music. I really like this track and it’s most definitely one of my favourite things I’ve created in a while.

I was hoping to play for longer and get some more tunes, but the gates to the place were closing close to the time I played. I mean, I could of just got trapped in and played all night here…. But then the warmth of home and my dog! Anyways video is below, give it a listen! I hope you enjoy!